I am a cosmology post-doc at the Deparment of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG) of University of Sao Paulo, under the supervision of Prof. Laerte Sodré Jr. I am currently working on the development of analysis tools for the large scale structure in the universe and the J-PAS project. I have also developed the FLASK code for simulating large-scale-structure observables.

  • Power-spectrum estimator optimization

    Using realistic simulations and including sistematic effects, I intend to test different methods of estimating the matter power-spectrum from galaxy surveys and optimize it for the largest-scales and for the upcoming surveys such as SuMIRe, J-PAS and Euclid.

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    The Full-sky Lognormal Astro-fields Simulations Kit is a public code created by me that quickly generates full-sky lognormal or Gaussian realizations of multiple correlated large-scale structure fields. It can be used to estimate covariance matrices, test analysis and verify systematic effects.

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  • The J-PAS project

    The Javalambre Physics of the accelerating universe Astrophysical Survey is a project by Spain and Brazil whose main objective is to measure the expansion rate of the Universe through the Baryon Acoustic Oscillations scale imprinted in the galaxy distribution.

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