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May 10-24, 2012
Natal, Brazil

International school and workshop

The aim of the meeting is to allow young researchers (students and postdocs) to be exposed to pedagogical lectures at the cutting edge of the field, by senior physicists from abroad and from Brazil, and provide the appropriate environment for scientific collaboration. Besides the courses and tutorials, topical seminars will be organized for the benefit of all participants allowing for wider discussion sessions among experts of the fields. The expected number of participants should not exceed 60.

Applications should be sent before March 14th 2012. The IIP will provide housing and living expenses for all selected participants. Fellowships will also be made available for other participants but their number is still undetermined. Applicants are kindly requested to provide the relevant information regarding the funding possibilities from their own institute in the field "comments" of the application form.

Fees : 85 US dollars for students and 120 US dollars for postdocs and 150 dollars for professors.

All aplicants facing funding difficulties are kindly requested to provide the relevant information in the field "comments" of the application form.

Applicants from Sao Paulo wishing to apply for travel expenses should also mention their requirements.


Ashoke Sen - (HRI - Allahabad - India ) - "Strings and Black Holes"

Christopher Herzog - (IAS - Princeton- USA) - "Strings, Gravity and AdS/CF-MT"

Claudio Bunster - (CECS-Valdivia - Chile) - "Gravity and electric-magnetic duality "

Elcio Abdalla - (Universidade de Sao Paulo - Brazil) - "Introduction to Strings "

Nathan Berkovits - (IFT-UNESP - São Paulo - Brazil) - "Strings and Amplitudes "

Pierre Vanhove - (IHES - Saclay - France) - " Perturbative Expansion in Quantum Gravity"

Invited advanced seminar speakers will be announced soon - a few seminars slots will remanin available until a late date.

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Joint IIP-ICTP Workshop on Gravity and String Theory. For further information, click here


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